Interactive Simulations

Local Control Processor:

Simple, static environments can be modelled on the local controller with the graphics workstation used for display only.

  • A moving cube inside a fixed cube is simulated
  • Corner, edge and face contacts are felt by the user as ithe inner cube is manipulated

Box-in-Box Simulation

  • Friction and texture effects can be displayed with the high control bandwidths and position sensitivity of the device
  • Each quadrant of the simulated surface has  different texture and friction characteristics

Surface Texture Simulation

Device Coupled with Simulation:

For more complex simulations the haptic device can be coupled to an independently executing simulation on a different computer:

Schematic of Haptic Interaction System

The setpoints of the simulation tool and the haptic device handle are coupled together by virtual stiffness and damping gains:

Virtual Coupling of Simulation and Device

The simulation computer and the device controller exchange position states over and Ethernet network.

Dynamic Physical Simulations:


Key in Lock with Bolt

Multiple dynamic objects in simulation